The United States Constitution prohibits the government, including your city, town, or village, from discriminating against citizens or businesses in certain ways. If the government is treating you differently than someone else—whether a neighbor, a competitor in your industry, or anyone else—you may have grounds to contest your unequal treatment. 


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Federal law gives you a remedy if your rights have been violated or deprived by someone acting under the authority of state or local law. These are commonly referred to as “Section 1983 claims” and can encompass a wide variety of claims, although the two most common include prisoner claims and police misconduct claims.   


Prisoners can bring claims under this statute for complaints about improper medical care, inadequate access to the law library, or conditions of confinement. Police misconduct claims are frequent under this section and can include excessive force claims, the use of police restraints, and police pursuits. 


This is just a small sample of the available claims under Section 1983. If you feel that your rights are being violated, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We help people and businesses protect their rights and hold the offending party accountable.