Most sellers of homes in Wisconsin are required to provide a Real Estate Condition Report to potential buyers. The seller must answer questions about the condition of certain parts of the home, such as the roof, electrical system, and the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. A seller must provide the Report to a buyer within ten (10) days after an offer is accepted. 


A seller’s misrepresentation or failure to disclose a defect that the seller has notice or knowledge of can result in serious consequences, including financial costs and even cancellation of the offer. Contact us today if you are a seller and need assistance with completing the Report, or if you are a buyer and believe a seller has not been truthful.    


Once an offer to purchase is made and accepted, the buyer and seller are usually required to complete the sale. A seller usually cannot take back his acceptance if, for example, he gets a better offer after accepting an earlier offer. A buyer usually cannot take back his offer after it has been accepted, even if he has a change of heart.


Purchase offers and contracts are often quite complicated and require the buyer and seller to fulfill certain obligations. Contact us today if the other party to your real estate transaction is not willing to follow through with his legal obligation. 


When more than one person owns a piece of property and the owners cannot agree on how to use the property or whether to sell the property, an owner may be able to ask a court to partition the property and sell only a portion of it, or force an owner who wants to keep the property to compensate an owner who desires to sell the property. 


Seeking a partition through the court system may be complicated, lengthy, and involve many different parties. The attorneys at MGW have the expertise to help you navigate the partition process, whether you desire to sell your ownership interest or protect your interest from other co-owners. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation.


Even as things seem to be going well, sometimes a deal will fall apart. A seller may try to back out of an acceptance, or a buyer may try to change his mind. An outside party may try to interfere with the deal and influence one party to act differently or an outside event such as an act of God may affect the parties’ ability to complete a deal. 


Contact the MGW attorneys if you are a party to a deal or contract and the deal is falling apart. We have the experience to help you understand your rights and obligations and help you enforce your rights, if necessary.